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Brand Campaigns

I love great stories, and I’ve been helping craft them for over 15 years. Here are a few of my recent campaigns.

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Kevin Omans Brand Campaigns

"Respect the Amazing"

Role: Creative Director

Problem: How does a first-of-its-kind brand, stand out amongst a sea of competitors?

Solution: Remind a technologically-desensitized nation to stop and smell the amazing.

"Connected By"

Role: Creative Director

Problem: How do you launch a new service that changes the very meaning of "being connected"?

Solution: Inspire the audience by sharing all the amazing things that you can do on-the-road thanks to built-in vehicle Wi-Fi.

The GM Military Discount

Role: Art Director
GM Military Discount

The GM College Discount

Role: Art Director
GM College Discount

The Camaro Launch

Role: Creative Director


I'd love to tell you more about these campaigns and my involvement in their creation.

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